Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unable to Browse The Cube in SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services

Some users may have same problem. You have just installed Analysis Services, and were able to build and process cubes, however, unable to browse cubes. When you tried to browse the cube by right clicking on a cube and selecting the option 'browse data', an error message came up: 'unable to browse the cube, unspecified error'. Sometimes the error message contains an additional line 'unable to locate the cube'. You may checked the data path in the Server Properties and it is correct. Commonly, it could be that the SP3 for Analysis Services might not have been installed.

These are the alternative steps may useful to solve your problem.
  1. Download the file sql2ksp3 from
  2. Extract it. The location should be in drive C:\sql2ksp3 
  3. Rename the old msolap80.dll (precaution only) to msolap80.dll.replace (location should be something like:  C:\program files\common files\system\ole db)
  4. Rename old msolap80.rll (again precaution) to msolap80.rll.replace (location should be something like: C:\program files\common files\system\ole db\resources\1033
  5. Copy msolap80.dll from c:\sql2ksp3\x86\system (SP3 file folder) and paste into folder under step 3.
  6. Copy msolap80 from c:\sql2ksp3\x86\system\res\1033 (SP3 file folder) and paste into folder under step 4.
  7. Reprocess cube and view using browse data.

Please try it!

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