Monday, February 16, 2009


You can save your computer maintenance cost if you clean your computer on the regular basis. This will improve the cooling and performance of the computer components. Your computer components could damage, if you do not keep it clean on periodically basis, because dust is the main cause to heat up your system and heat link to hardware failure.

  • Never place your computer on the ground, always use computer table or shelf for this purpose.
  • To clean computer case first unplugs your system power from the electrical outlet. Remove all cables and connectors from the back side of your computer.
  • Now blow the air around all the hardware components and keeping away your blower nozzle 4 to 5 inches away from main board components. You can use vacuum cleaner also for this purpose but compressed air is the better solution to clean a system.
  • At the end using lightly dampened cloth or spray any cleaning fluids on the computer case and use paper towel to dry it.
  • Never clean inside computer components or other circuit board with damp or wet cloth.
  • Always be careful to eat or drink around the computer.A

Monday, February 9, 2009

How to insert YouTube movies into PowerPoint slides?

You can insert the YouTube movies into your PowerPoint slides to express your idea or better way to communicate something. You can convey these ideas in more effective ways, if you are using movie files with your simple slides.

Follow the given steps to add YouTube movies into PowerPoint slides:

First of all download the movies and then save on your computer hard drive. Mostly movies are available in flash video file format on YouTube site. You can convert also the downloaded movies from YouTube into any common format, for example, windows media video file (wmv), windows video file (avi) and movie file (mpeg).

First of all open the presentation in which you want to insert movie file.

Now click on "Movies and Sounds" option from the Insert" menu and choose the option "Movie from File".

Now select your movie that you want to insert into slide and click on Ok button.

Here now you are asked "Do you want your movie to play automatically in the slide show? If not, it will play when you click it."

Recommend choosing Ok button to play automatically even if you want the movie to play when click. Finally save your PowerPoint presentation and run it for test.